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September 19, 2010 Woodlawn Memorial Park – Gotha, FL September 19, 2010

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So today I went over to Woodlawn Memorial Park in Gotha, FL near Winter Garden.  I went to repay a favor for someone who had taken some Wells photos for me in Ohio on findagrave.com.  He wanted some photos from Woodlawn.  I guess he’s collecting baseball player grave photos as both turned out to be baseball players.  What a lovely cemetery.  Here are some photos I took there today.

This was the top of a tree that had I’m guessing fallen down.  They had a few of these trees with carvings at the top.  One was a dolphin.

Lots of Statues here.  I liked this one best.  I think it was Jesus teaching at the temple.

This is a mosiac of the life of Christ.  Details of it below.

I’ve often wondered why Michael’s craft store still sells fake flowers.  It seems like a few years back I was really into fake flower arrangements but not so much now.  It’s like of not the trendy thing anymore.  Well, I now know.    Woodlawn and another cem I went to yesterday (Winter Garden Cemetery) are just chock full of fake flowers. Here’s some examples. None of the flowers in these pictures are real:


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