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July 21, 2010 July 21, 2010

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You may have noticed that I’m not posting as much as I was.  This is because I’m attempting to finish my cemetery book before my birthday in a few weeks so I’ve been spending an insane amount of time working on that project.  While working on it today, I cam across the following death certificates for the Wells family in Adair County, Ralls County and Putnam Count, Missouri.  I go them off of this website:  http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/resources/deathcertificates/advanced.asp

Charles Hubbard Wells Death Certificate

Anna M Wells Norris dau of Orrin M Wells Death Cert

Dora Harper Wells wifh of John Francis Wells Death Cert

Emma Wells Menke dau of Orrin M Wells

Frank Elmer Wells Death Certificate

Henry Stark Wells Death Certificate

James Owen Wells Death Certificate

John Oren Wells Death Certificate

Joseph Frances Wells Death Certificate

Martha Wells Watson dau of Orrin M Wells Death Cert

Mary Ellen Edmond Wells wife of Charles H Wells

Nannie Ruth Wells dau of John Oren Death Certificate

Rufus Wells Death Certificate

Stephen Charles Wells Death Certificate


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