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July 6, 2010 July 6, 2010

Todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY is……. Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, CT (Hartford Co.)…..Palisado Ave (Route #159)   Between Pierson Lane & Pleasant Street in Widnsor, CT.  Once you drive in the main entrance, continue straight ahead and the stones are all the way in the back of the cemetery.  They are easy to spot as they are table shaped.   There are a lot of other Wolcott gravestones here but I am unable to figure out who they are.  

 *Wolcott, Henry (1578 – May 30, 1655) 8th great Grandfather

*Wolcott, Elizabeth Saunders (Dec 1584 – July 7, 1655) 8th Great Grandmother

Children of Henry Wolcott and Elizabeth Saunders:    

*Wolcott, Simon (Sep 11, 1624 – Sep 11, 1687) 7th Great Grand Uncle

*Wolcott, Mary Pitkin   (Dec 12, 1639 – Oct 13, 1719) w/o Simon Wolcott

Children of Simon Wolcott and Mary Pitkin:

*Wolcott, Roger (Jan 4, 1679 – May 17, 1767) 1st Cousin 8 Times Removed

*Wolcott, Sarah Drake(May 10, 1686 – Jan 20, 1748) w/o Roger Wolcott

*Gaylord, Deac. William(May 21, 1585 – Jul 20, 1673) 10th Great Grandfather

Children of William Gaylord and Ann Porter:

Gaylord, Sgt. John(Jun 27, 1648 – Jul 13, 1689) 8th Great Grand Uncle

Gaylord, Hezekiah(Feb 11, 1653 – Sep 12, 1677) 8th Great Grand Uncle

*Gaylord, Lieut. Nathaniel Sr. (Sep 3, 1656 – Apr 28, 1720) 8th Great Grand Uncle

Children of Nathaniel Gaylord Sr. and Abigail Bissell:

*Gaylord, Lieut. Nathaniel Jr. (Nov 23, 1681 – Dec 28, 1762) 1st Cousin 9Xs Removed

*Gaylord, Elizabeth Unknown(About 1680 – Jul 26, 1762) w/o Nathaniel Gaylord Jr.


 This is a really cool cemetery.  Some of the stones are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  Here’s a few artistic shots I took there.  Took them with some left over black and white film on my 35mm camera:


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