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June 21, 2010 June 21, 2010

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So I seemed to have opened up a can of worms.  I’ve been going through the ever helpful book Hopkinton, Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries by Lorraine Tarket-Arruda and Gayle Waite.  I’ve been comparing the names in my genealogy database with the names in the index at the back of the book and have found a ton more burial places. And by ton, I mean my listing of known burial places for the family is up to 104 pages so far.  Sigh.  Will I ever finish this project?   Here are a few of the more interesting discoveries I made.

 Oak Grove Cemetery, Ashaway, RI

Kenyon, Elizabeth Erbig (1912 – 1971) 1st Cousin 2Xs Removed

Kenyon, Ralph Shepard (Jun 3, 1903 – Jan 3, 1969)h/o Elizabeth Erbig & 5/1

I had no idea that Elizabeth Erbig was in Oak Grove.  I’ve been to that cemetery a few times but she seems to be a different section of the cemetery, one that I don’t have need to go to as I didn’t think I had family there.  She’s far apart from the rest of the Erbigs.

 Pine Grove Cemetery, Hope Valley, RI

Located 20 feet north of Bank Street in Hope Valley (old Section) and 20 feet east of Fairview Avenue (new section).

*Handy, Amos Ebenezer    (Oct 14, 1887 – Jun 27, 1958 ) 2nd h/o Julia Erbig Weber

 Amos is my Step Great Grandfather.   I had no info on him at all except his name.  With a little help from my cousin Jean and the folks at www.findagrave.com I got quite a bit on info on him today.   Here’s a picture of his grave.  Guess I can see why the call it “Pine” Grove Cemetery.  I’m wondering why he is buried here.   There don’t seem to be any Handys around him at this cem.  Their would have been plenty of room for him to have been buried near Julia at Oak Grove Cemetery.  Guess we’ll never know.


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