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June 4, 2010 June 4, 2010

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Today is one of those days that it’s great to be a genealogist.  So I was reading my Family Tree Magazine and saw some stuff on a website I’d never visited called pilot.familysearch.org    I’m usually on ancestry.com but thought I’d check it out and see if they had anything new.  And low and behold they did.  My great grandparents are John Kranz (Dec 10, 1872/1873 – After 1920) and Amalia Fabrici (Apr 1876 – around 1928/1929).  On this website I found a record of their marriage that listed the bride and groom’s parents by name.  So married on January 23, 1898 in Manhattan, New York was John Kranz and Amalie Fabrici.  John is the son of Haver Kranz and Elizabeth Hahn.  Amalie is the daughter of Samuel Fabrisi and Sarah Klein.   Wow, I LOVE fillin’ in those blanks on my family tree!

So Haver, that’s a strange name.  I did a little research on line and don’t see this as a usual German man’s name.  So  I did a little more poking around on this same website.  I found a Elisabetham Hahn married to a Franciscum Xaverium Kranz on April 11, 1872 in Bavaria.  Is this our Elisabeth and Haver.  Well Haver could actually be Xavier so maybe.   Great Granpa John was born in 1872/1873 so the timing is good.     So continuing on I found a Joannes Kranz Born Dec 10, 1872 to Elisabethae Hahn and Francisci Xaverii Kranz.   Starting to look good.  To this same Elisabethae and Francisci was born a Catharina Kranz on May 5, 1874.  Both kids born in Bavaria.  Katholische, Arzheim, Pfalz, Bavaria to be exact.

I didn’t have as much luck with Amalie’s folks.  So if you know anything about Samuel Fabrici and Sarah Klein, please pass it on.

Passing over to Mom’s side of the family, I have a 3rd Great Grandfather named Michael Erbig.  I’ve also seen Erbig as Webig, Arbech and on this website as Arbeck.  I found Michael Arbeck on the 1880 census in Jersey City, NJ.  This is my Michael as his wife is Julia (Julia Arnold to be exact).  This may not sound that exciting but this is the first census that I’ve found Michael on.    It lists his occupation as Works in a Paper Mill.  This is what is listed as his occupation on the Jersey City directory, the only source I’ve ever found Michael in.  So, yes, this is cool news.

So onto the Geoghan family.   My Great Greadfather is Thomas H. Geoghan (about 1863 – May 11, 1947).  I’ve never been able to find out who his parents were and I’m still not sure.  But I did find a Thomas Henry McGeoghan born June 15, 1867 in Belfast, Ireland, son of William John Mcgeoghan and Margaret Boyd.  Henry is a common name in the Geoghan family for a few generations.  The problem with Thomas is that we know he was born in Ireland and immigrated when he was very young so he had to have come over with family.  He flies under the radar till the 1920 census.  So is this my Thomas H. Geoghan?  who knows but its a place to start.


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