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June 1, 2010 June 1, 2010

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So today, I’m having two CEMETERIES OF THE DAY.  Why two, you ask??  Well I just found these family burials this week and thought I’d share.  HOWEVER… I’m looking for better exact locations so I can visit these cemeteries on a future trip. 

West Whately Cemetery, West Whately, MA (Franklin Co.)  Cemetery is located south of approximately 176 Webber Road in West Whately/Haydenville, MA

*Rogers, George(About 1740 – Oct 29, 1823)3rd Cousin 5Xs Removed

*Rogers, Ann Brewster (May 10, 1741 – Feb 21, 1842)w/o George Rogers  “Mr George Rogers Died 29 Oct 1823 AEt 82    Mrs Ann Rogers Consort of George Rogers Died 21 Feb 1842 AEt 83 “United here and join’d above Ne’er will cease to praise and love”

*Rogers, Daniel (Jan 16, 1781 – Jun 27, 1857)4th Cousin 4Xs Removed     “Daniel Rogers Died June 27 1857 Aged 77”   (Son of George Rogers and Ann Brewster – Row 17, #14)

*Rogers, Alinda Hill(Jun 26, 1780 – Feb 20, 1841)w/o Daniel Rogers  “Alinda Rogers, wife of Daniel Rogers died Feb 20 1841 AE 61”

*Rogers, Anna Tucker(Oct 27, 1767 – Aug 23, 1857)w/o Daniel Rogers   “Anna Wife of Daniel Rogers died Aug 23 1857 Aged 83”

Starks Cemetery, Hawley, MA (Franklin Co.)  This cemetery is in the Southwest corner of Hawley/Plainfield MA, and is often referred to as the “Cemetery near the Brim Farm”.  Located to the East of Stetson Avenue, south of the Horton Road intersection.

Starks, Anna Rogers(Apr 3, 1784 – Feb 3, 1868  )4th Cousin 4Xs Removed  (Anna is the daughter of George Rogers and Ann Brewster who are buried in the West Whately Cemetery)

Starks, John Jr.  (Nov 30, 1783 – May 2, 1867)h/o Anna Rogers

Children of Anna Rogers and John Starks Jr.:

Starks, Phineas (Jun 5, 1809 – Nov 23, 1898)5th Cousin 3Xs Removed

Starks, Almira King(May 27, 1817 – Oct 25, 1891)w/o Phineas Starks

Starks, Rufus    (Mar 21, 1812 – May 2, 1885)5th Cousin 3Xs Removed

Starks, Elvira Bartlett (Jan 21, 1817 – Nov 18, 1895)w/o Rufus Starks

Starks, George K.(Apr 10, 1851 – Nov 1, 1890)6th Cousin 2Xs Removed (Son of Phineas Starks and Almira King)


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