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May 30, 2010 – Brock Cemetery in Grafton, NY May 30, 2010

So todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY is … The Brock Cemetery, Grafton, NY.  Located on Brock Road, just east of Red Pond Road (Rt 87) in Grafton, NY.  I can’t see that it is clearly visible from the street.  You may have to get out and walk back into the woods a little to find it.

Wells, Elisha Sr.(Sep 19, 1758 – Feb 15, 1818)1st Cousin 5Xs Removed     (Elisha’s parents, Matthew Wells Sr. and Bridget Burdick are buried in the Wells Cemetery in  DeRuyter, NY.)

Wells, Abigail Wilcox   (May 19, 1785 – Apr 21, 1840)w/o Elisha Wells.  Her grave reads “___ on a glorious grave…      Shall these wite (?) bodies shine …       And every shape and every face …       Look heavenly and divine”

Hall, Dorcas Wells Peckham(Dec 7, 1799/98 – Apr 4, 1870)2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed (Dorcas is the daughter of Elisha Wells Sr. and Abigail Wilcox above)

Peckham, Braddock Jr.  (Jan 4, 1781 – Jan 7, 1834)h/o Dorcas Wells

Peckham, Celamith(Abt 1811 – 1839)3rd Cousin 3Xs Removed (Celamith is the son of Dorcas Wells and Braddock Peckham Jr.) (Dorcas, Braddock & Celamith were moved here from another cemetery.)

Here is a map to the cemetery and a list of those buried there that I was able to get from the kind folks at the local historical society:Map of Grafton Cemetery locations[1]


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