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May 21, 2010 – James Rogers and Winthrop’s Mill May 21, 2010

Today I am still working on the Rogers family from James Sr through the children of John Rogers Jr.  I recently discovered the will of James Rogers Sr. (1615-1687) in two different sources.  One was the book Signers of the Mayflower Compact by Annie Arnoux Haxton (available on google books) and the other source was a website :

http://rogersfam.net/rogersfam/history/william1/james1a.htm  The book and the site had basically the same will except that the website looks to have had the original english.  wt for what, ye and all that other old english that can be a little difficult to make out at times (at least to me.)  So here is the will of James Rogers.  It’s the one off the site but I kinda cleaned it up a little to make it easier to read.

The last will and testament of James Rogers Senior being in perfect memory and understanding; but under the hand of God by sickness. This I leave with my Wife & all my children, Sons and Daughters; I being old & knowing that ye time of my departure is at hand. What I have of this world, I leave Among you, desiring you not to fall out of content about it; but let your love one to another appear more, then to the Estate I leave with you which is but of this world. And for your comfort I signifie to you, that I have A perfect assurance; of an interest in Jesus Christ, & an Eternal happy Estate in ye world to come, and do know & see my name is written in ye book of life; & therefore mourn not for me: as they that are without hope. I commit my spirit into ye hand of God almighty, desiring that my body it may be buried (hoping for a resurrection) and what is Expended there upon let it be paid out of ye Estate I leave.

I desire that all my debts may be paid out of the Estate I leave, I know of no old debts unpaid, nor any great matter of Debts that I owe. My land at Mystic I bequeath to my three Eldest sons Samuel Joseph and John: it being first (by them) Equally divided into three parts & then let it be divided to them by lot that Each one may know which his part is: for as ye lot falls so shall Each ones part be.  They paying to my daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds.

To my son James I bequeath, Gothon (GOSHEN) neck & that he shall have a high way to it, over the pond where I now go.

To my son Jonathon my Housing: & so (HOUSE AND LANDS) far as Magunck (MAGUNK)fence which lies within my field fence; & the bounds between my son James & son Jonathon that is to say between Gothon (GOSHEN) and my field: shall be ye great Rock which lies between the pond and the sea, on the north side of the beach, A line being run north & south from the said Rock shall be the bounds between them.

To my son Jonathon I bequeath twenty acres in the new pasture; Joining to his house & running on the north (SOMC says South) side of my field fence; & bounded on the East with the lane running between the head of my son James his home lot & my son Jonathon his now dwelling house.

To my son James & son Jonathon I bequeath all the rest of my land lying in the new pasture as also all the rest of my land lying in the General neck: it being divided by them into two parts first & then as the lot comes forth shall Each know which his part is, (And my will is that my son James pay to my daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds within a year after the death of his mother, my wife) And that my son Jonathon pay to my daughter Elizabeth fifty pounds within three years after the death of my Wife ten of it the first year: after her death.

(SOTMC has this here: To my son Joseph, I bequeath the land I had of Obadiah Bowen, called Bruin’s Neck.)

To my son Joseph (SOTMC says John, not Joseph) I leave the land that I had of Robert Allyn lying on the East side of the River that goeth to Norwich, he paying to his sister, my Daughter Bathsheba the sum of twenty pounds: within a year after the death of my wife & if he sees cause not to do so, my Daughter Bathsheba shall have the said land.

And all ye rest of my Estate, as cattle, household goods Debts & parsonable Estate I leave with my wife to dispose of as she sees good: only to pay to my daughter Elizabeth ten pounds if she sees good with ye advice of my son John: I also give liberty to my Wife to sell or dispose of any part of my land or Estate here willed if she sees cause so todo, without offence to any of my Children: & to have the use of my housing during her life time to live in or let out.

Some Cattle was left with me by my son John to use as my own not giving me power to give or will away but did promise me that what I sold or killed for the family’s use he would never demand pay for, but only those that should be remaining in my hand.

The Chamber where my son John now lives I leave with him with the Room under it for him to live in during his life time: if my wife sees cause not to order it other wise.

If any difference should arise about my land here willed or Any part of my Estate for want of a plain discovery whether about bounds or other wise, my will is that there shall be no lawing amung my children before Earthly judges but that ye Controversies be ended by lot & so I refer the Judgment to God: & as the lot comes forth so shall it be:

And this I declare to be my last will & testament as witnesses my hand this Eleventh day of ye ninth month one thousand six hundred eighty & three

Witnesses———-Sam Beebe. Snor———–Mary Beebe


one copper kettle 30s. one brass kettle 10s.____________2:–:–

one iron kettle and 3 iron pots one of them broken______-:-4:-3

small pewter platters 3 basons 3 plates_______________1:–:–

one feather bed and furniture_______________________5:–:–

one other bed and bedding and bed stead______________1:10:–

chest and chaires and wooden are____________________-:15:–

husbandy utensils a axs two chaines one pair of plow irons__

iron crow three hoes cart and wheels a barrow and scythes__2:10:–

the house and barn_______________________________40:–:–

an indian servant and his wife a negro woman having about__

3 years served valued at___________________________8:–:–

Adam a malotta servat about 3 years to serve__________5:–:–

A negro woman deaf and dumb_____________________2:–:–

one ox and six cows at____________________________15:–:–

2 steers 3 years old at_____________________________4:–:–

2 heifers at two years old and vantage________________3:–:–

2 heifers and one bull year old at vantage_____________3:–:–

Six cattle one year old in the spring__________________3:–:–

one horse and one mare___________________________4:10:10

44 sheep old and young___________________________11:–:–

2 sows and nine shoars____________________________3:15:–

40 bushels of indian corn by estimation_______________3:–:–

10 bushels of pease 8 bushels of meslin 5 bushels barley__3:–:–

3 barrels of beef & one barrel of pork________________6:–:–

30 acres of Land on the East side of the river__________8:–:–

40 rodd of land by a tan yard included in ye other land___

2 P of pothangers a grindstone and still yards__________-:10:–

one horse and one cow____________________________4:10:–

one barrel of molasses one firkin of butter_____________2:10:–

one large platter and wearing apparel_________________2:-5:–

20 yards of Kersey Coverlids & blankets______________3:–:–

a warming pan 2 spits s bibles & a bedspread___________1:–:–

3 stacks of hay a barrel of musket____________________3:–:–

This inventory taken the 15th of feb 1681 by Edward Palmer & Daniel Wetherel, townsmen

Letters of Administration Granted to Samll Rogers on the Estate of his father James Rogers deceased.

Sir Edmund Andros Knt Capt Generall and Governr in Chief of his majesties Territory and Dominion of New England to Samuell Rogers of New London in the County of New London Baker Eldest Son of James Rogers of the same place yeoman Deceased Whereas the said James Rogers having while he lived and at the time of his Death goods rights and creditts in divers places within this Dominion now lately Dyed Intestate by Vertue whereof the power of Administration and full Disposition of all and Singular the goods rights and Creditts of the said Deceased And also the hearing Examination and allowing the accounts of the administration of the same apputains unto me I Being Desirious that the goods rights and creditts of the said Deceased should be well and faithfully administered Doe therefore Trusting in your fidelity by virtue of these presents Committ unto you full power to administer the goods rihts and Creditts of the said deceased and well and faithfully to Dispose of the same And also to ask gather Leavye and require whatsoever Creditts of the said Deceased which to him while he lived and at the time of his death did appurtaine And to pay all Debts in which the said Deceased at the time of his Death stood bound as far as his goods rights and Creditts can extend akording to the Value thereof And to make a full and exsact Inventory of all and Singular the goods rights and Credits of the said Deceased and to Exhibit the same unto the Secretaries Office at Boston the Second Day of September next ensueing And also to render a playne and true account of yr Aministration upon Oath The Second Day of March which shall be in the yeare of Our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred Eighty & Eight And I doe by these presents Ordaine Depute & Constitue you Administrator of all & Singular the goods rights and credits aforesd Probate of Wills & Granting administration. Dated the first day of March One thousand six hundred eighty and seven.


So today I was also trolling around on EBAY looking for a few genealogy books I’ve been looking for and came across a ton of postcards of the Old Winthrop Mill inNew London, CT.  This is the mill that James first worked at when he came to New London.  Here is the collection of pictures I got off of EBAY.


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