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May 14, 2010 – Willow Branch Cemetery May 14, 2010

So because today is my friend Carolynne’s Birthday, I thought I’d run a calendar report in my genealogy program and see who else’s birthday it was today.  Here are the results:

May 14 Birthdays….Today Leonidas Lee Wells would have been 166 years old.  He was my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.  Elias Sheffield Wells would have been 188 years old.  He was my 3rd Cousin 3 times removed. George F. Rogers would have been 190 years old as my 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  Also Edward Rogers would have been a whoping 308 years old as my 2nd cousin 6 times removed and finally Joseph Rogers would have been an ancient 364 years old as my 6th great grand uncle.  Happy birthday guys, wherever you are.

Todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY is…. Willow Branch Cemetery, Waynesfield, OH (Auglaize Co.)… Located in Waynesfield, OH at the corner of Rt 67 and Moyer Road.  I picked Willow Branch today because I was going through some old notes I’d made about photo requests I wanted to make sure I put in on findagrave.com and before I threw them out, wanted to double-check that I’d put them in.  Turns out I had but since then quite a few had been filled and I must either have not gotten an email confirmation or deleted it by accident.  So I was pleasantly surprised.

Sylvia Wells Wells (1766 – Apr 11, 1849)3rd Great Grand Aunt (Sylvia’s parents,  Randall Wells & Lois Maxson are buried in the Wells Lot-HP005), Hopkinton, RI)

* Randall Wells (Jul 13, 1807 – Dec 17, 1880)1st Cousin 4Xs Removed 

* Harris Wells (Apr 1, 1809 – Nov 23, 1885)1st Cousin 4Xs Removed

* Sarah “Sally” LaGrange Wells (X – Jul 25, 1858)w/o Harris Wells

* Joseph Clark Wells (Feb 25, 1831 – May 5, 1893)2nd Cousin 3Xs Removed

* Martha Jetl Wells(1832 – 1919)w/o Joseph C. Wells  (Buried in Section B. with husband)

Children of Joseph Clarke Wells and Martha Jetl:

* Joseph A. Wells (1867 – Spe 27, 1887   )3rd Cousin 2Xs Removed

* John S. Wells (1856 – 1879)2nd Cousin 3Xs Removed

* Jennie Unknown Wells(X – 1883)w/o William H. Wells 3/2

* George R. Wells (1863 – 1936)3rd Cousin 2Xs Removed

Harriett Wells Akers(Dec 1871 – 1944)3rd Cousin 2Xs Removed

* Russell Vernon Wells (Aug 20, 1834 – Mar 6, 1914)2nd Cousin 3Xs Removed

* Orin H. Wells (Dec 28, 1842 – Sep 7, 1850)2nd Cousin 3Xs Removed


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