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May 13, 2010 – Wells Family Bible May 13, 2010

So I can see what people googled on and got my page.  I noticed today that someone had googled “brooklyn oysters 1900s recipes”.  I’m sorry to say they were probably disappointed with the outcome.

So I’m still riding the genealogical glow of discovering the resting place of John Rogers and fam.  I’m sure it will last a little bit as I’d really never expected to find it. (See yesterdays post for details).

What to talk about today…. well hold on a second and let me pop over to my hard drive chock full o goodies and see what I find.  Be right back…  OK, how about today we do the Wells Family Bible.  The bible is actually in the possession of my Cousin Dorothy but I was able to get it for a day to take scans and photos of it. 

The Wells Family Bible is an 1868 King James Version Printed by William W. Harding, Philadelphia 1868. Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out the original tongues together with the Apocrypha, Concordance and Psalms, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. The Text conformable to the original edition of the year of Our Lord 1611 and the American Bible Society’s Original Standard Edition.

The Bible was given to Dorothy to her by her mother Sylvia Amelia Wells Eccleston.  We are not sure who the original purchaser of the bible was.  Most likely it was Williams Rogers Wells.  Dorothy says that the Bible did get damaged while in the possession of her mother during a hurricane in Rhode Island.

BIRTHS Page 1, column 1

Jonathan R. Wells

Was born at Hopkin-

Ton R.I. February 26th 1819.

Martha Ann Rogers

Wells was born at Waterford, Conn

February 15th 1825

Melisa J. Wells was

born at Hopkinton

R.I. March 15, 1847

Sylvia E. Wells was

born at Hopkinton

R.I. October 23rd 1849

Everett J. Wells was

born at Hopkinton

R.I. October 26th 1851

William Rogers Wells

was born at Hopkinton

R.I., June 9th, 1855

Martha Lillian Wells

was born at Hopkinton

R.I. December 13th 1860

Pauline Rudiger Stillman

Wellls was born at Alfred

Center New York Oct.15th 1855

BIRTHS Page 1, Column 2

1.Everett Stillman Wells

son of Wm. R. and Pauline

R. Wells was born in Hopkinton

August 12, 1881

2. Sylvia Amelia Wells

daughter of Wm. R and

Pauline R. Wells was

born in Hopkinton June 6, 1884

3. Willie Russell Wells

son of Wm. R and

Pauline R. Wells was

born in Hopkinton June 10, 1883

4. Orpha Wells daughter

of Wm. R and Pauline

R. Wells was born

Sept 7, 1886 at Woody Crest in New York City

5. William Rudiger Wells

Was born in Hopkinton R.I.

Dec 20th 1888

6. Forest Arlington Wells

Was born at Hopkinton

R.I. Dec 23rd 1900

Dorothy Pauline Wells

Daughter Wm. R and

Pauline R. Wells was born

at Hopkinton R.I. May 21st 1893

BIRTHS Page 2, Column 1

Nathaniel Dewey Wells

Son of Wm R + Pauline

Wells born May 2 1898

Elliot Ellsworth Wells

Son of Wm R + Pauline

Wells born Nov 3 1900

Children of Everett S and

Susie Clarke Wells           

Lois    Clarke    Wells  Oct 17 1910

Williams Rogers  “  July 15  1913

James Lewis          “     “   23  1915

Pauline Stillman “  April 8  1917

Nancy Newbury “ June 21, 1921

Nathaniel Greene “  Oct 28 1924

  Allan A. Simpson “   16    17

  Donald R Gardiner

sons of Orpha Wells Simpson Gardiner

  Katherine Wells

  Sally Wells

Daughters of Nathaniel D Wells

and Isabella

  Marie   born

  Natalie   “

Daughters of Forest + Helen Wells

  Myra V Wells  February 10, 1934

Daughter of Elliot E + Florence Wells

BIRTHS Page 2, Column 2

Children of E.S. + Susi Wells

Lois Wells          Oct 17 1910

Roger                July 15 1913

Jamie                July 23 1915

Pauline             Apr 8  1917

Nancy              June 21 1921

Nathaniel         Oct 28 1924

Dorothy Pauline Eccleston  July 19 1924

Daughter of Hugh and Sylvia Eccleston

Dale Suzanne Tarbox   July 22-1947

David Theodore Tarbox  April 20, 1950

Adam Nathaniel Tarbox  May 7, 1974

Xavier Alexander Tarbox Apr 15, 97

Son of Adam, Son of David


Jonathan R. Wells

And Martha Ann

Rogers were married

at Waterford, Conn

August 21st 1845

By Rev Daniel Lyon

Ephraim Lyon Witnesses

Clarissa Rogers

Sylvia E. Wells and

Elliot E. Salisbury were

married at Ashaway

R.I. Dec 9th 1868

By Rev. Alfred B Burdick

John D. Kenyon

Sarah J Kenyon Witnesses

William Rogers Wells

and Pauline Rudiger Stillman

were married at Alfred  Centre N.Y.

August 4th 1808


Rev. Ethan P. Larkin

Mrs S.E. Larkin  Witnesses

Amelia Stillman

Everett Stillman Wells

And Susie Clarke Lewis

Were married Aug. 29th 1909

By Rev. William L. Burdick

Sylvia A Wells & Hugh Eccleston

April 13, 1923 – by XXX Burdick

Orpha Wells  Alan Simpson

                         Waldo Gardiner

 William R. Wells & Gertrude Bynum

Dorothy P + Theodore Van Sickle

Forest G + Helen Wells

Nathaniel D + Isabelle

Elliot E. + Florence Weber

Lois W. + John Brett

James L + Olive

Pauline + William Hornberger

Nancyjo Smith

Roger Wells +

Allan Simpson, Patries Gooch

Donald Gardiner + Jane

Katherine Wells + Clair Black

Dorothy Eccleston + Edward Tarbox  Aug 31, 1946

David Theodore Tarbox + Kathleen Carn Sep 25, 1971?

Marie Wells +        Natalie +      Jean +


Melissa J. Wells died

May 10, 1859

Martha Lillian Wells

died February 26  1862

Everett J Wells died

June 9th 1870

Jonathan R. Wells

died December 8th 1864

Sylvia E (Wells)Salisbury

died September 29th 1880

Martha A Wells

died Feb 8th @ 12:30am 1903

Pauline R.S. Wells

died Feb 27th 1:35AM 1922

Wm R. Wells

died Dec 26, 1926

Everett S. Wells

died June 10, 1943

Susie C.L. Wells Jan 7, 1947

Elliot E. Wells Sept 1950

Hugh C Eccleston  Aug 4, 1954

Nancy N Smith  2/  / 1961

Orpha W Gardiner Mch 4, 1961

Florence J Wells Dec 12, 1961

Wm. R. Wells Jr. Dec 12, 1961

Willie Russell Wells son

of Wm r. and Pauline

R. Wells died July 24th 1883

Sylvia A. Eccleston 7/20/67

Nathaniel D. Wells  3/1/72

Forest Wells      1972

Dorothy P Van Sickle 


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2 Responses to “May 13, 2010 – Wells Family Bible”

  1. Judith Hayward Says:

    Nathaniel Wells, b. 1600 in Colchester, England, arrived in 1629 in Boston, was my 8th Great Grandfather. He settled in Hopkinton (Ashaway), RI. If he is listed in your bible, would you send me scans of the pages? I have been told that there were 2 Wells families, unrelated, living in Hopkinton in the 1700’s. Yours may be the other one.
    I would love to hear from you.
    Judy Hayward

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Ahh Nathaniel Wells…. The family problem child…. Yes, he might be my grandfather, might be if he ever really exhisted but there is no real evidence that he ever really exhisted. A long time ago Albert Welles wrote the book “History of the Welles Family in England and Normandy, With the derivation from their progenitors of some of the Desendants in the United States” and ever since people have taken from that book as if it were gospil. However, Albert took quite a few liberties with his research. Many people have searched for physical records to prove that Nathaniel exhisted and was Thomas Wells Sr of Hopkinton father but no one has found anything yet that I know of to conclusivly prove that this is the case. I myself visited Colechester England to see if there was any records there but there was a fire back in the 1700 or 1800’s that burned all the old records so if there was anything in England, it’s gone now.
      There are a lot of books with Nathaniel Wells in them as the family progenitor in America but they are all based on Albert Welles’ book which doesn’t have any tangible evidence to back up his story. The only actual possible refence to “a” Nathaniel Wells of the time period that I have found is:

      From: A Report of the Record Commissioners containing BOSTON BIRTHS,Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, 1630-1699, Pub 1883, Page 85
      Nathaniell Wales deceased the 20th of May 1662

      As for there being 2 Wells families in Hopkinton, I dont’ think so. I think they are all related one way of another, at least I’ve never run accross one I couldn’t fit into my tree. There is an unconnected Wells/Welles family up in Weathersfield, CT. Check them out at findagrave.com in the Wethersfield Cemtery (the one with all the Stillmans in it). There is also unconnected families in Maine and Long Island.

      There are a branch of the Wells family that lived in Mystic, CT that a lot of folks don’t think are related because they spelled the name Welles but they are family as well. You can find these folks on findagrave.com as well in Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic, CT.

      If Nathaniel Wells existed as my grandfather, he’d be my 8th great grandfather as well. Believe me, no one wants him to be related to me more than I do. My nephew is named after him so I hope someone comes up with some solid evidence of his relation to the family soon!

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