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May 12, 2010 – Rogers Cemetery at Mamacock Farm May 12, 2010

Mamacock Farm has been FOUND!!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I was today to see my inbox.  I got emails back from some helpful folks from Connecticut College and yes, the Rogers Cemetery is indeed on their property. 

So todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY is the Rogers Cemetery at Mamacock Farm (or Mamacoke Farm as it is sometimes called) in New London, New London County, CT. 

Here are the directions to get there:    The cemetery is near the Thames River, just north of a college practice field called Dawley Field. It is next to a stream and along a trail. From Route 12 North, at the north corner of the Coast Guard Academy (and before you get to the Conn College entrance, turn right at the light onto Deshon St., which runs steeply down to the Thames River along the north side of the Academy campus.  A short way down the hill turn left on Nameaug Ave. follow it to the end and turn right on Farnsworth St.  Follow Farnsworth down to the railroad track at the foot (and the entrance to an old – shipyard) and turn left onto a dirt road that parallels the railroad.   This leads to a Connecticut College playing field and boathouse, and the Rogers cemetery is in the trees on the far edge of the playing field. You will see boulder, and a little brook marks the far boundary of the cemetery.  

So who’s buried there you ask.  Well this is who I know is there:

John Rogers Sr.  (Dec 1, 1648 – Oct 17, 1721  )  6th Great Grandfather

John Rogers Jr.   (Mar 20, 1674 – Jun 18, 1753 ) 5th Great Grandfather

Bathsheba Smith Rogers (X – Jan 28, 1722 )w/o John Rogers Jr.

Ichabod Rogers (X – X )  Relationship Unknown.. I was told that there was a stone there with the name Ichabod Rogers on it but that this stone was stolen from the cemetery a number of years ago. I’m thinking this might be the Ichabod that was a son of John Rogers Jr.

These names come from a few sources but mostly from the book “The Rogerenes”.  The book also says that the children of John Rogers Jr. that died before him were buried here.  One of the gentlemen for CT College that emailed me back with the directions attached a study that the college did of the cemetery using ground penetrating radar that showed over 40 bodies there!  He didn’t know of any list of who was there so I have to keep looking for one.  unfortunately it was probably lost over time like the list of who is buried at the Old Rogerene Cemetery in Ledyard.  There are a few surviving grave stones that you can see in the picture below but no one seems to know whats on them so… if you’re in the New London, CT area and what to go take a look…. let me know what you find out.

Here’s a photo of the cemetery.


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15 Responses to “May 12, 2010 – Rogers Cemetery at Mamacock Farm”

  1. Doug (Walsh) Says:

    Found your great site while tracing my “Keeney” family line of coastal fishermen in New London, CT. Was looking for more info on my ggg-grandmother Anna Rogers, married to Amos Keeney (Kinney) Dec. 31, 1775, “at her father John’s house at the harbour”….
    Anna Rogers (John, the “John” m. to Ann Tinker, John, Joseph, James Rogers.)

    In “James Rogers of New London, CT. and his descendants,” its mentioned that John “lived in Greene Harbor, ‘southward of Lower Mamacock,’ on Great Neck”………….
    “Miss Caulkins says Greene Harbor was near Jordan Cove”….

    Impressed with your depth of thought as to the Rogers lives, their cemeteries, etc., as I too want to know more about our ancestors lives rather than just names.

    A few months back, visited East Neck and West Neck Cemeteries in New London / Waterford. Missed the Rogers Cemetery though, as I wasn’t sure if this was a location that I needed to check..

    Trying to locate tombstones of Amos and Anna. They were supposedly buried in the “second burial ground” of New London proper, which is now Williams Memorial Park and the tombstones, at least, were removed and relocated at Cedar Grove Cemetery in New London. (FYI: The “third burial ground” of New London, now Williams Park, not be confused with “Williams Memorial Park” above, has also been relocated to Cedar Grove Cemetery.) Was unable to find tombstones. Of course, many of these stones are “blank” because of weather damage. One thought is that, if there were stones, one of their children might have moved the stones to their plot. I have located three of their children’s graves there in New London: Jeremiah, Amos (Jr.) and my gg-grandfather James, but no parents stones.. Have pix if you need them.

    Understand you work at Disney. Lost a good friend who once worked there: Dick U…….. Believe in electrical maintenance. Worked a number of decades with him here in the North.

    If I get to N. L. this year I will try to get fotos of stones at “Upper Mamacock Cem.”

  2. Debbie Lewis Says:

    Was just researching this family this weekend. Found a great deal written about John, Sr. in “History of New London, Connecticut: from the first survey of the coast in to 1860 by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, Cecelia Griswold.

    Other possible burials would be Ichabod and John, III (sons of John, Jr & Bathsheba). Also, perhaps Stephen & Elizabeth (Rogers) Prentis (dau of John Sr. & Elizabeth Griswold); John Sr’s brother, James, & his wives & children.

    I did find that John Sr., Bathsheba and John III all died from smallpox. John Sr contracted it first and spread it to the others.

    Hope this helps a little.
    Debbie (Miller) Lewis
    descendent of John & Anna (Ransom) Miller of Lyme

  3. Justus Rogers Says:

    If anyone is really interested in the Family history there is a book printed by the historical society tracing The family back to when they came here in the 1600’s. They are all decedents of James Rogers who ran the mill in town. I own a copy of the book that has been handed down generation to generation.

  4. Doug (Walsh) Says:

    Justus, is the book you mention James Swift Rogers 1902 book:
    “James Rogers of New London, CT., and His Descendants,” or another one?..
    This book I mentioned, is readable on Ancestry.com.

  5. mary ostic lee Says:

    grandmothers name was arabell keeney ostic passed in 1945 in new mexico daughter of thomas keeney ..related ? trying to find where she is buried and information on her

  6. Doug Walsh Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    On October 25, 2011, I sent 6 emails of info and photos of my visit to Upper Mamacock Cemetery in New London to your FamilyHistoryDetectives email address.
    Did you ever get them? If not, what email address should I send them to ?


    Doug Walsh
    (Anna Rogers is my ggg-grandmother married to Amos Keeney, New London, CT)

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Anna Rogers is my 5th Cousin 3 times removed. She and I Also share the same Birthday! What are the odds! (365 to 1 I guess 🙂
      I just emailed you but no I didnt’ get your emails as I dont’ use that email address anymore. Thanks for the great photos!!

  7. Rodney Watrous Says:

    I’m reading a great book that chronicles the Rogers family. (Very colorful family) The name of the book is For Adam’s Sake. If you haven’t read it you probably would enjoy it. The book also mentions at least one of my ancestors by the family name of Waterhouse.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      I’ve started to read it as I picked a copy up at the New London Historical Society Gift shop last time I was up in CT. I keep getting side tracked which is annoying as I really want to finish it. -Jennifer

  8. Frances Swain Says:

    I have been searching in vain for my 4th grandparents Peter Swain and his wife Smy Rogers or Sarah Amy Rogers. Sarah ‘s father was Samuel Rogers ( some sources claim Joseph Rogers). I have been told her family was part of the group. Have you come across any of these names in your research. Other than a 1790 census and a mention of Peter serving in the navy during the American Revolution, I have nothing.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      There are tons of Samuels, Sarahs and Amys in the Rogers family. Without some dates to put with names, I can’t help you any. I don’t have any Swains in my database except for another very distant part of the family. If you can provide a birth or death date for Samuel or Sarah Amy, I might be able to help.

  9. vsmith1978 Says:

    Oh my goodness! John Rogers Jr and Sr and Bathesda are my grandparents also!. My uncle and I are planning a trip to Connecticute to look for graves. We are also descended from the Burrs so a lot of Connecticut history!

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