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May 10, 2010 – Rogers Family of New London May 10, 2010

Today I did more research to try to find the location of the Rogers Family Farm, Mamacock Farm (or Mamacoke Farm as I’ve sometimes seen it).  From what I can tell, I think it is inside the Connecticut College Aboretum.  I sent an email to the Arboretum to see if they had any info on a cemetery on site.  Hopefully I’ll hear something back from them.  I found a reference to the Farm in a book I found on Google Books.    It’s called “Tapestry A living History of the Black Family in Southeastern Connecticut” by James M. Rose and it talks about John Rogers and his family and the slaves they owned.   I’d heard mumors before that the Rogers family had slaves but hadn’t seen much.   The book has some interesting information on the Native American slave and his wife, an african american woman who was also a slave of John Rogers.  It’s unclear in this book as how they became slaves of John.  It seems to infer that the Native American sold himself for a certain period of time to John as a slave/servent.   No one wants to admit that thier ancestor was a slave owner but at least John seemed to have the intetion of giving them their freedom when he died.   I kind of like finding out these dark secrets hidden deep in the family tree.  It’s human nature to only want to remember the good things about people after they are dead but thats not an honest way to look at history.  It’s important to accept the fact that our ancestors were all flawed people and made mistakes just like we do. 

Heres that info out the book, Tapestry …..Tapestry by James M. Rose

In the preface of this book, the author mentions that he visited the site of the Mamcock Farm Graveyard!  I tried to track him down on the internet but couldn’t locate him so, Dr. James M. Rose, if you’re reading this, please, PLEASE, help a gal out and send me a note with directions to the graves of the Rogers.  I’m enjoying your book by the way.


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