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May 7, 2010 – John Rogers Sr. (1648-1721) May 7, 2010

Today I was researching the burial place of my 6th Great Grandfather John Rogers Sr. (Dec 1, 1648 – Oct 17, 1721).  John was buried on his farm, Mamacock Farm.  I’ve never really know where it was but today I found some clues to it’s location.

History of Montville, Connecticut, By Henry Augustus Baker, 1896, Pages 179-181

“b. 1 Dec., 1648, third son of James Rogers and Elizabeth  Rowland; m. 17 Oct., 1670, Elizabeth, daughter of Mathew Griswold. The rite of marriage was performed by the father of the bride, and accompanied with the formality of a written contract and dowry, the husband settling his farm at upper Mamacock upon the wife in case of his death or separation from her during life.. This farm was situated about two miles north of New London, on the Thames River…….  …………He died of small pox 17 Oct., 1721, and was buried upon the bank of the Tames River within the bounds of his Mamacock farm, where he had set aside a place for a family sepulcher.”

According to page 60 of the History of Montville, there were two places called Mamacock.  One was the neck of land on which stand Fort Trumball and the other was two miles up the river. It does not say up the river from where.  Page 116 says John Rogers owned the land at Upper Mamacock.

 I found this in the book “The Rogerenes”, page 279-280:  “The early graves still discernable in this old family burying-ground are marked by natural, uninscribed stones, which was the ordinary mode before gravestones came into common use in New England.  In family burying-placed, on farms or in out-of-the-way places, the lack of inscriptions continued to a comparatively late period.  Many such old family buying-places have been long obliterated.  The preservation of this one is probably due to its being secured by deed.  (See New London Record, November 13, 1751)  It is said that, despite the lack of inscription, descendants in the earlier part of the nineteenth century could tell who was buried in each of the old graves.  The railroad has cut off a portion of this burial ground, which originally extended to the verge of the river.  Tradition states that some of the graves on the river bank were washed away at the time of the great September gale (1813).”

Speaking of the death of John Rogers Jr.( son of John Rogers Sr.) on page 279 it says: “Fifteen children gather at Mamacock, to follow the remains of this honored father to the grave…. They lay the form of this patriarch beside his father, his wife Bathsheba and the children gone before, in the ground he has set apart, in the southeast corner of his farm, as a perpetual burial place for his descendants, close by the beautiful river that washes Mamacock.  They mark his grave, like the others in this new ground, by two rough stones, from nature’s wealth of granite in this locality, whose only tracery shall be the lichen’s mossy green of tender mould.”

On page 280 it says” “John Rogers, 2d, was a man of remarkable thrift….consisted mainly of a number of valuable farms on both sides of the Norwich road, including the enlarged Mamacock farm, the central part of which (Mamacock proper) , his home farm, “

On page 124 it says: “ he takes up his abode in one of his houses in town, or possible at the mamacock farm, on the Mohegan road and the “Great River”, which place was formerly granted by the town to the Rev. Mr. Blinman, and, upon the latter’s removal from New London, was purchased by Mr. Rogers”

On page 194 it says” John Rogers has changed his home from the Great Neck to Mamacock Farm, North Parish”

From the above we can gather that Mamacock was on the Thames River.  It was at least 2 miles north of the mouth of the river.  It was on the west bank of the river as the burial spot was located on the river, in the southeast corner of the farm.  Railroad tracks were cut through some portion of the burial ground.  The farm was along side the Norwich Road and the Mohegan Road.  It was located in North Parish.

State Road 32 runs up along the west bank of the Thames and is called on and off Mohegan Avenue and Norwich Road.   I found on a map today a place called Mamacock Cove which is just south of Quaker Hill, CT and across the river from the Sub Base Museum.  It looks like it’s probably the general area.  I need to find out who I can contact to see if there is a cemetery near there of field stones.  How exciting if I could find that cemetery.


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One Response to “May 7, 2010 – John Rogers Sr. (1648-1721)”

  1. Michael Says:

    Greetings, cousin!
    The land where Rogers’ farm was located, “Mamacoke”, is owned today by Connecticut College. The land took it’s name from the island of the same name which is across the river west of the US Submarine base (Groton, CT.) and the college preserves it as natural habitat.
    Do you have any Fox family ancestors in your family tree?

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