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May 6, 2010 – Daniel Rogers, born 1790 May 6, 2010

Today I finally finished my first draft of my updated cemetery listing.  Topped out at 85 pages long.  Now I just need to edit it.

So today’s ANCESTOR OF THE DAY is Daniel Rogers, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.  Daniel was born in New London County, Connecticut on March 12, 1790 to parents Alexander Rogers Sr. and Rachel Larrabee.     Daniel was a farmer in Waterford, CT near Quaker Hill.  To be honest, I’m not really sure what the boundaries of Quaker Hill are.  It seems to be north of Waterford on a map but I’m guessing is more on an unincorporated hamlet at best.   Daniel shows up on the Waterford census but is buried in Union Cemetery in Quaker Hill.   Daniel married Sally Newbury on September 2, 1813.  They went on to have 10 children including my Great, Great Grandmother Martha Ann Rogers who married Jonathan Russell Wells.

Here is the bare bones data I’ve collected on Daniel.

1830 Federal Census: Waterford, CT

Name of head of household: Daniel Rogers

Males 5-10: 3

Males 40-50: 1

Females 5-10: 2

Females 10-15: 3

Females: 15-20: 1

Females: 30-40: 1  

Total living in Household: 11

(4 names above Daniel on the census is his brother Alexander Rogers Jr.)


1840 Federal Census: June 16, 1840  Waterford, CT

Name of head of household: Daniel Rogers

Males 5-10: 1

Males 15-20: 3

Males 20-30: 1

Males 50-60: 1

Females under 5: 2

Females 10-15: 1

Females 15-20: 1

Females: 20-30: 2

Females: 40-50: 1

Total living in Household: 13


1850 Census: Oct 18, 1850  Waterford, CT

Daniel Rogers… Age: 60 … Occupation: Farmer … Value of Real Estate Owned: 1500

Place of birth: Connecticut … Others living in same household: Sally Rogers (wife), Isaac N Rogers (son), Clarissa Rogers (daughter), Ephraim B. Rogers (son).


1860 Census: September 11, 1860  Waterford, CT

Daniel Rogers… Age: 70 … Occupation: Farmer

Value of Real Estate Owned: 1600 … Value of personal estate: 130

Place of birth: Connecticut

Others living in same household: Sally Rogers (wife), William Rogers, Matilda Lewis (relationship unknown, age 22), Eugene Lewis (relationship unknown, age 4)


1870 Federal Census: August 8, 1870   Waterford, CT

Daniel Rogers… Age: 80 … Sex: Male … Rage: White

Occupation: Farmer … Place of Birth: Connecticut

Others Living in same household: William Rogers (son, age 44), William Rogers (relationship unknown, age 12)


History of Montville, Connecticut

By Henry Augustus Baker, Published by , 1896, Page 205

V. DANIEL (233), b. 1790, son of Alexander Rogers and Rachel larrabee; married 2 Sept, 1813, Sally Newberry, daughter of David Newberry.  He died____.  Sheid died 16 Dec., 1861.


443.   Sarah, b. 18 Jan., 1815:. Hubbard Holdridge

444.   Rachel, b. 17 Nov., 1817: m. Charles Wheeler

445.   Lydia, b. 10 June, 1818; m. Raymond Lamb.

446.   Catherine, b. 4 Sept., 1819; died young

447.   Amos W., b. 18 May, 1821; died 27 March 1847

448.   Isaac, b.20 May 1823; m. ___ Whipple

449.   Williams, b. 15 Feb., 1825; m. 1st. Martha Sanders, 2d, Mary Landphere

450.   Martha, b. twin to Williams; m. Jonathan Hill

451.   Clarissa, b. 22 Nov., 1829; m. Anson G. Baker

452.   Ephraim, b. 2 June, 1831: m. Phebe Ames


So these are the only references I’ve found on Daniel in books and records.  So what else do we know about him.  Well, the Rogers were a very religious family.  From my Great Aunt Dot’s memoirs, she says of Daniel’s daughter Martha Ann “Martha was a Quaker, but helped support the church in every way and we all grew up in that church atmosphere, a rich inheritance.”  From my study of the Wells family, I can tell you that before Martha Ann married into the family there is practically no mention of church membership.  After Martha Ann, they all went to church. 

Daniel was the Great Grandson of John Rogers who started the religious movement known as the Rogerenes.  John’s son, John Jr, continued the movement and I think it’s safe to say that if Martha Ann was a staunch Quaker, she got that from her dad.

From Aunt Dot’s memoirs I would hazard to guess that they didn’t have a lot of money.  Aunt Dot writes “Martha Ann Rogers, his wife, who came from Quaker Hill, Conn. to work in the mill.”  Martha Ann had to leave Connecticut to come work in the Mill owned by the Wells family, which is how she met her husband.  It’s safe to say that if they could have afforded her to stay home, she probably would have.

Aunt Dot also wrote of Martha Ann (her grandmother) “I remember going with her on the stage coach (like the west) driven by “big old black Bill Johnson” who had size 14 shoes; he was so big I remember because I got my fingers pinched in a door.  We went to Westerly and got the train to New London to go up to Quaker Hill to visit her twin Uncle Williams, at her old house.”  From this I would gather that the house she had lived in, which I’m guessing was her father’s house, was not occupied by her brother Williams.   Aunt Dot was born in 1893 which is well after Daniel died so the house must have stayed in the family after his passing.


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  1. Looking for info on Rachel Larrabee. The Watrouses, the Rogers, the Crouches, the Whipples and the Chapmans all figure in a big way in my family tree. Alexander and Rachel are direct ancesters.

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