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May 5, 2010 – Lithonia City Cemetery May 5, 2010

Well its Wednesday.   I’ve had an odd day.  One one had it felt like a Monday and on the other hand, “It’s not Saturday yet??”  Not that Saturday will be that great.  I’m working my part-time job at Disney on Saturday so I won’t be off anyway.    This morning while I was getting ready for work I was watching a show on the History Channel on the war of 1812.  I have to say that I can’t remember studying the war of 1812 at school.  What happened there?  Guess we’re doomed to repeat that one.

So today’s CEMETERY OF THE DAY is Lithonia City Cemetery, Lithonia, GA (DeKalb Co.) and here’s my relatives buried here:  *Wells, William Orrin(Mar 27, 1881 – Mar 28, 1970)4th Cousin 2Xs Removed (William’s parents, Leonidas Lee Wells and Mary Angeline Overman are in Shelfer Cemetery, Havana, FL)

*Wells, Otie Bales(May 24, 1890 – Dec 7, 1971)w/o William O. Wells

*Keckley, Thelma Lee Wells(Apr 21, 1914 – Jan 20, 2009)5th Cousin 1X Removed

*Keckley, Wallis B.(Mar 30, 1913 – Aug 30, 1997)h/o Thelma L. Wells

*Wells, Alice Mable(Feb 27, 1911 – Jun 21, 1911)5th Cousin 1X Removed …Alice has 2 stones.  One says “Our Baby, IN MEMORIAM, ONE GRAVE MOVED IN 1957 FROM THOMPSON CEMETERY WITHIN BUFORD DAM AND RESERVOIR PROJECT ERECTED BY CORPS OF ENGINEERS US ARMY”


Ruth Hubbard Burdick, my 7th Great Grand mother was born on January 11, 1670 in Agawam (Springfield), Hamden, Massachusetts.  She was married to the Reverend Robert Burdick on November 2, 1655 in Newport, Rhode Island and died in 1690-1691 in Westerly.   Here is an interesting letter that she wrote that I came across some time back.

From: The Early History of Narragansett, By: Elisha R. Potter Jr.   Published MDCCCXXXV, Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society Vol. III  Page 117-118

“The following letter was written from Westerly, August 4, 1666, by Mrs. Ruth Burdick, to her father, Samuel Hubbard, at Newport. Mr. Hubbard was born in England, in 1610, and came over in 1663. Of his daughters, Ruth married Robert Burdick, Bethiah married Joseph Clark, Jr., and Rachel married Andrew Langworthy. [Backus I. 416 and 475. III. 227.]

Several of Mr. Hubbard’s family settled at Westerly.— Backus says that Naomi Burdick, grand-daughter of Mr. Hubbard, had married Jonathan Rogers, and that on March 2nd, 1678, Elder Hiscox baptised her at Westerly, with James Babcock, George Lamphiere, and two others. Mr. Hubbard’s daughter Ruth had joined Mr. Clarke’s church in 1652, when about 18 years old.

“Most loving and dear father and mother, my duty with my husband and children presented unto you with all my dear friends. My longing desire is to hear from you, how your hearts are borne up above these troubles which are come upon us and are coming as we fear; for we have the rumors of war, and that almost every day. Even now we have heard from your island by some Indians, who declared unto us that the French have done some mischief upon the coast, and we have heard that 1200 Frenchmen have joined with the Mohawks to clear the land both of English and of Indians. But I trust in the Lord, if such a thing be intended, that he will not suffer such a thing to he. My desire and prayer to God is, that be will be pleased to fulfil his promise to us, that is, that as in the world we shall have troubles, so in him we shall have peace. The Lord of comfort, comfort your and our hearts, and give us peace in believing and joy in the Holy Ghost. Oh that the Lord would be pleased to fill our hearts with his good spirit, that we may be carried above all these things! and that we may remember his saying, ‘When ye see these things come to pass, lift up your heads, knowing that your redemption draws nigh.’ Then if these things be the certain sign of our Lord’s return, let us mind his command, that is, pray always that ye may be counted worthy to escape all these things, and to stand before the son of man. Let us have boldness to come unto him in the new and living way which he has prepared for us. Through grace I find the Lord doth bear up the spirits of his in this place, in some com­fortable measure to be looking above these things, the Lord increase it more and more unto the day of his appearing, which I hope is at hand. Dear father and mother, the Lord hath been pleased to give us here many sweet and comforta­ble days of refreshing, which is great cause of thankfulness, and my desire is that we may highly prize it, and you with us give the Lord praise for his benefit. I pray remember my love to all my dear friends with you in fellowship. Sister Sanders desires to be remember to you all, so doth sis­ter Clarke. Your loving daughter, to my power,


I love this letter.  I often think of it when I hear folks say that given all the hardship and strife in our times, the end of the world must be near, that the time of the rapture must be upon us.  I think every age has thought the same thing.  Here we see Ruth thinking that back in 1666.

Here is another letter written by Ruth Hubbard.

From: Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America: A Series of Historical Papers, By Albert N. Rogers, Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, Pages 646- 

“While the beginning of the history of Seventh-day Baptists in the vicinity of Waterford was in 1675, only nine years after the members of the Baptist church began to keep the Sabbath in Newport and Misquamicut. Just how the people about New London had their attention directed to the subject does not appear in the original documents, but we know that they were only twenty miles from the Sabbath-keepers in western Rhode Island and fifty from those in Newport and that the families were connected by marriage. The first mention of Sabbath observers here is in a letter which Ruth Burdick wrote March 6, 1675, from Westerly to her father, Samuel Hubbard, in Newport. The letter reads:

“I judge it my duty to make use of this opportunity to impart to you the dealings and good hand of our God unto us. He hath been at work, as we believe, in the hearts of some of the inhabitants of New London, and bowing their hearts to be obedient unto the Lord Jesus. The names of them is John Rogers, James Rogers his brother and the third an Indian whose name is Japheth: who gave a very satisfactory account of the work of grace wrought upon his heart. There be four more that sent to us desiring our prayers for them, and as for our part, we five are in love, and with one heart in what is revealed. As for Brother Randall he is highly displeased with brother Maxon about the Sabbath. Brother Crandall hath the ague and fever still, and has been but little amongst us this winter. Upon the I3th day of this month our brethren came again from New London to give us a visit and to partake in the ordinance of breaking of bread : with them another young man who is satisfied as to baptism but judges himself unfit. They declaring what joys and comforts they have found, and what they have met with from the sons of men. Mr. Bradstreet. the minister of the place, being enraged threatened them, warning them not to speak to any of his church, railing against us all that profess believers only to be baptized. Threatened Brother Crandall, saying he shall be ordered next court. Mr. Fitch of Norwich also said lie did hope the next court would take a course with Brother Crandall. Many such like words from many others we hear of. They have earnestly (requested) us to give them a meeting at our brother John Rogers’ house; but I fear brother Crandall’s weakness of body will hinder him, and here is none able to carry on the work there among them. For my part and I think many more would be very glad to see brother Hiscox here, and one more with him, and send them word a week before to give the people notice: they judge there would be many that would be there to hear and some to be baptized.”
It appears from this letter that Elder John Crandall had already been in New London witnessing for the truth, that he had baptized and received into fellowship John and James Rogers and an Indian named Japheth, that he had been threatened by the authorities, that there were others who were interested, that those received into fellowship had been to Westerly twice, joining with the Sabbath-keepers there in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, and that it was desired that some one be sent from Newport to New London to carry on the work already commenced. The Newport church responded at once to the request and Mr. Hiscox, Mr. Hubbard and Joseph Clarke were sent this same month. ”


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2 Responses to “May 5, 2010 – Lithonia City Cemetery”

  1. William Scott Wells Says:

    Thanks so much — gr-grandson of William Orrin Wells and Otie Bales.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      William Orrin Wells is in one of my favorite lines of the family as they moved all over! It was a lot of fun to trace them for the cemetery book I put together, especially since some of them are here in Florida where I live. -Jennifer

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