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May 3, 2010 – Ephraim B and Isaac N Rogers May 3, 2010

Seems like it’s been a few days since I last posted.  Was really sick for about a week and it really knocked me on my but.   Can’t remember the last time I got that sick for that long.  I did manage to get to Tampa yesterday but much to my chagrin, the Providence Cemetery was closed.  Had I felt better, I’d have hopped the fence.  Kind of odd that it was closed on a Sunday afternoon.   O well, we’ll try again sometime this summer.

Whalemens Shipping List pg 242 4th colmn Rogers Brothers 1853

So today I thought I would talk about my Rogers Uncles, the whalers.  A while ago, I was surfing the internet looking for the burial place of a couple of brothers of my Great, Great, Grandmother, Martha Ann Rogers Wells and came across the above posted item.  Look on page 242 in the 4th column from the left and you see them.  

This article in the Whalemen’s Shipping List lists Ephraim B. Rogers of Waterford, Conn as Second Mate and Isaac N. Rogers as Third Mate of the Adeline Gibbs in October 1853.  Ephraim and Isaac were brothers of Martha Ann Rogers, my Great, Great Grandmother (with of Jonathan Russell Wells) making them my Great, Great Grand Uncles.  The Adeline Gibbs was a Bark, built in 1841 in Fairhaven, MA    She wrecked in a hurricane off Bermuda in August 1890.  I found a few references to the travels of the Adeline Gibbs.  Seems the traveled the North Atlantic and also sailed to Australia and the South Pacific.  They must have had plenty of stories to tell when they got back home to Waterford.

Here is some censusus information on Ephraim that show him as a mariner.

1850 Census: Oct 18, 1850   Waterford, CT

Ephraim B. Rogers   Age: 19

Occupation: Mariner … Place of birth: Connecticut

Others living in same household: Daniel Rogers (father), Sally Rogers (mother), Isaac N Rogers (brother), Clarissa Rogers (sister).

1860 Census: July 27, 1860   Montville, CT

Ephraim Rogers  Age: 32

Occupation: Seaman   Value of personal estate: 1500

Place of birth: Connecticut

Others living in same household: Elisabeth Aimes (listed as occupation housekeeper, age 64), Philbert Rogers (relationship unknown, age 30), Ernest Rogers (relationship unknown, age 5), Erasmus D Aimes (Relationship unknown, occupation Carpenter, age 28)


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