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April 19, 2010 – Hesson Cemetery in Caldwell, OH April 19, 2010

I worked on my Cemetery List again today.  I’m trying to spice it up a little by adding where the person’s parents or children are buried if known to each person.  Of course this has ballooned it up to 75 pages so far.  I stress the SO FAR as it will probably end up being about 100 pages. 

Todays CEMETERY OF THE DAY is…. Hesson Cemetery, Caldwell, OH (Noble Co.)  It’s located about eight miles southeast of Caldwell on Ohio Route 564 (Frostyville Road). 23068 Frostyville Road, Caldwell, OH according to Google Maps.

*Wells, Barton Sr.(About 1781 – 1846)   3rd Great Grand Uncle, the Son of Randall Wells & Lois Maxson

*Wells, Hannah Unknown (1792 – Oct 2, 1835) w/o Barton Wells

So has anyone ever heard of the Stillmanville Woolen Mill in Pawcatuck, CT??  I found the attached info on it and would love to know if it’s still standing.  It says it at 75 Stillman Avenue, Patcatuck, CT.  It references Oremus Stillman.  (Wondering if that is a typo and it’s supposed to be Orsemus)



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3 Responses to “April 19, 2010 – Hesson Cemetery in Caldwell, OH”

  1. Richard Fontaine Says:

    You can contact me at richardfontaine3@gmail.com. I grew up in Westerly, RI which is the same town as Pawcatuck, CT except the other side of the river in Rhode Island. The mill is still there and located on the canal that was built in the early part of the nineteenth century. One of my mother’s closest friends were Carl and Libby Stillman of Pawcatuck who were direct decendents in the family. My mother died unexpectedly of cancer and had only two or three months between diagnosis and her death and she entrusted Carl to act as her trustee on her estate to educate her three young children.Send me an email if you would like additional information and maybe I can learn something from you about the Stillman family and perhaps I can give you some insight into the Stillmans in Westerly/Pawcatuck. Richard Hamilton Fontaine

  2. michael hayhurst Says:

    howdy iam trying to find any information on barton wells children . my 4th great grandpa barton a wells was supposed to be one of his sons .this is a very good site to read about wells family . any information you could help me with i would be greatful thanks mike

    • jgeoghan Says:

      Hi, I have 5 Barton Wells in my database so you need to let me know which one your looking for.

      Barton Wells Sr. Born 1781

      Barton Wells Jr. Born 1812

      Barton Curtis Wells born 1900

      Barton V Wells Born 1856

      Barton Wells Born 1850

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