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April 14, 2010 Wells Mystery Letter and Beaver Creek Cemetery April 14, 2010

Sometimes I’m amazed at the kindness of strangers.  I realized that the First Baptist Church of North Stonington, CT  had to be in the general vicinity as the Pendleton Hill Cemetery.  I sent and email to the church through their website asking if it was nearby and just the next day, today, I got an email from a lady at the church saying the cemetery is right behind the church.   I got a lot of help a gal with the Grafton, NY Historical Society in locating a couple of cemeteries there.  I’m always getting help from volunteers on findagrave.com.   This is one of the reasons I love to help folks with their trees and to pass on all the knowledge I have gained.  Genealogy research is something that you can take to your grave.  If you don’t pass it on and share your work with others, what’s the point?

 Here is the second Wells Mystery Letter that I purchased on EBAY.

Wells Mystery Letter Two

 Envelope addressed to:   Miss Mary A. Wells,    Oak Ridge, Hancock Co. Ohio, Care of H.G. Coats

 Stamped:  Garrettsville O. Nov 10

                                                 Hiram   Nov 9th / 65

Sister Mary,

                        I expect you are

Looking for a line from us

before this.  I have been waiting

to hear from Aunt Olive

they was quite alarmed about

her.  I went to see her yesterday

she is better.  Frank is so he

gets all around now + does

the chores.  His limb trembles

him yet + I guess it always

will   it swells worse now then

it ever has, but does not

pain him, he eats + grows

fat   XX Henry’s folks are all well

they were all here Sunday.

  Mrs Heath that boarded

to your house was here + stayed

all night last week

she was right disappointed to

find you gone.  Her health is

quite good + they all say she

looks just as young as she

did when she lived here.

    Mrs Drecher gets along finely

so she walks about house

as she please, Huldah Heath

was buried died week ago last

Tuesday with fever, Steve

Wheellseks body was brought

home week ago last monday

Mrs Silas Hopkins was buried

today,    Frank thinks the

sheep are younger than he

would like to buy, thinks

the chance here first about

as good, as to the widower

you mentioned Alice thinks

you had better look out

for number one first

as long as he has plenty

of money,  Tell Alice Jennie

as got a big saving in the wood

house + is making great

calculation on swinging when

she gets home, raths about it

a good deal, I think I

had told you all she news

a I am tired of writing with

such a pen + you will get

more tired trying to read it

you must write when to meet

you to the cars, for you have

no stoping place now, Mason

Tilder  Tilders (Tilden?) has bought

The Allen farm + got moaed

    Give our best to all

        Sophie A. Wells,

PS Frank has his law suit to

Tomorrow with mesenges


What I know about these folks from this letter:

Letter 2  Dated 1865

Sisters…Mary A Wells in Oak Ridge, Hancock Co, OH, staying with HG Coats, had a Mrs. Heath board at her house.

Sophia A Wells in Garretsville OH. (Hiram, Portage Co Ohio)  Has neighbors of: Mrs. Dresher, Huldah Heath who just died

Steve Wheellseks body was brought home week ago last monday.  Mrs Silas Hopkins was buried today.  They have an Aunt Olive.  Frank (maybe a husband of Sophia’s).  Henry whose parent’s just visited.  The 1930 Census Sophia A Wells wife of J Frank Wells

SCANS OF LETTERS…. Letter 2 envelope  Letter 2 page 1  Letter 2 envelope

 Here is the CEMETERY OF THE DAY….Beaver Creek Cemetery (AKA  Beebe Cemetery #11), Brookfield, NY …Opposite the school house. Overgrown with Bushes. Several slate stones, no markings show now.  I found a old school house called the Giles School House located next to the Brookfield Historical Society at approximately 10554 Main St, Brookfield (West Edmeston) but I’m sure if this is the school house they are talking about. http://home.comcast.net/~ingallsam/Cemeteries/Brookfield/Brook14.htm

 Babcock, Hezekiah (Jul 17, 1784 – Nov 28, 1862) 2nd Cousin 5Xs Removed

Babcock, Nancy Burdick (Jul 18, 1786 – July 17, 1858) 2nd Cousin 5Xs Removed  And also w/o Hezekiah Babcock (Nancy’s parents, Henry Burdick and Judith Maxson are buried in the Spafford Cemetery, Spafford, NY)

*Wells, Joshua Sr. (Oct 29, 1773 – May 28, 1834) Relationship Unknown

*Wells, Sylvia Bentley (abt 1751 – Feb 15, 1837) w/o Joshua Wells

 So it occurred to me that maybe the reason why on one is leaving a comment is because it seems to me a very well hidden secret as to how to leave one.  If you go to the bottom of each post, there is a section will small lettering.  On there you will see LEAVE A COMMENT in very small letters, click on there to leave a comment for me.  I’m thinking about changing the theme of the page.  Maybe a different one will make leaving a comment more obvious.


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