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April 13, 2010 – Ledyard Union Cemetery April 13, 2010

So I see people seem to visiting my blog but no one is leaving any comments… So who are you people??  Leave me a comment and let me know.   

So today I thought I’d share a few interesting items I have.     Here are Russell Wells and his wife Lydia Rogers Crandall obituaries out of the Sabbath Recorder.  Also Phineas Crandall Stillman and his wife Orpha Crandall’s pictures and obituaries out of the Sabbath Recorder. Another thing I like to look for is old handwritten genealogies.   My Great Grandfather Williams Rogers Wells of Ashaway, RI must have been a genealogy buff as well as he seemed to write down the family trees.  Attached is a hand written chart of the descendants of Randall Wells (1747-1821).    Randall would have been Williams’ Great Grandfather.     Another item he wrote out is his line back to Thomas Wells.  The last item is a Stillman Family Tree starting with Phineas Crandall Stillman and going back to George Stillman (1654-1728) and his wife Jane Pickering (1659-1684/85).  Now I say this Stillman lineage was written by Williams Rogers Wells.  Williams was not a Stillman, his wife was.  I think he was the one that wrote it because the hand writing looks the same but also because when I turned the paper over it was written on a piece of letter head paper of a company that Williams owned.  The White Wyandotte Poultry Farm in Ashaway, RI.   When Williams got older and retired he started a poultry business.  He really loved chickens.  I attached a scan of the back of the paper so you can see the letter head. 

So the CEMETERY OF THE DAY is…  Ledyard Union Cemetery, Ledyard, CT ..This cemetery is located at approximately 377 Colonial Ledyard Highway.  Having entered Colonel Ledyard Highway at the road’s intersection, with Route 184, proceed north 1.1 miles.    You will first find a paved entrance to the newer southern section of the cemetery, just before the beginning of the stone wall.   The old section has a separate entrance a few yards further north.   Immediately after passing the cemetery there will be church on the right side of Colonel Ledyard Highway. 

*Rogers, Henry Sr.(Apr 8, 1813 – Aug 18, 1848) 1st Cousin 4Xs Removed 

*Rogers, Henry Jr.(1845 – 1848) 2nd Cousin 3Xs Removed 

*Watrous, Asaph (1814 – Jan 31, 1892) 1st Cousin 4Xs Removed  


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One Response to “April 13, 2010 – Ledyard Union Cemetery”

  1. Trisha Says:

    I am new to looking at my family history…I do show that I am related to: George Stillman (1654-1728) and his wife Jane Pickering (1659-1684/85), referenced in your 4/13/10 blog post. Cool!

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