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April 12, 2010 – The DAR and Wells Letter April 12, 2010

I’ve been thinking about joining the DAR.   Seems like you have to pay a lot of money and I’m not really sure what you get in return.  Do people my age join the DAR (I’m a late 30’s age) or will I be alone among the blue hairs?  Do tell if you know.   I always visit the DAR Library in DC when I’m visiting our nation’s capital and would save the admission fee to get in as it’s free to members of the DAR.   It shouldn’t be too hard for me to join as I have a great aunt who was a member and we have her certificate. Any thoughts of pros and cons of membership?   I’m on the fence about it so any imput would be appreciated.

So every now and then, I like to troll EBAY for Wells family items.  You’d be surprised what shows up on EBAY for sale  if you’re luck enough to be looking when something gets listed.  Last year I came across some old letters from the 1800’s written by and to some Wells family members.  I have yet to figure out how these people fit into the family tree or if they will at all but I’m hopeful.   I’d at least like to find out who they are so that maybe I could see if they have any descendants out and about today that would like them.  If I’m still unable to figure out who these folks are in the next year or so, I’ll probably donate the letters to a Historical Society near where they were written from.  So here are some pictures and transcripts f the letters.  If you have any information on them, let me know.  I’ll post more of the letters in future entries.  I have to say I’d never heard of anyone collecting old letters as a hobby.  I found out that the letters that are sold on EBAY are usually collected for their post marks and not for the letter itself.  Some letters are collected for their subject matter like if they had details about the Civil War or something like that.  I guess there’s a hobby for everyone.

Letter One (Here is a scan of the letter below: Letter 1),

 Portage Co, Oho 

Stamped:  Cleveland O,  Sep 15

                                                Independence Sept 13 / 57

 Dear Brother,

                        Having an opportunity to send a few lines

to you by the hand of Dr. Wright   I thought I would

write a short letter    We have been expecting you out

here for some days,  but as you have not come, Emma

will start for the East tomorrow morning, to see her

friends + will return 3 weeks from tomorrow

I shall keep bachelors hall whilst she is gone  

Mary Jane is still at Oberlin, but will be at

home in about 7 weeks, as there will be

a vacation of three months_________________

Busines here is very dull, but little money stiring

+ hard times a head for loafers___________

You must be sure + come + see us as soon as

Emma returns + bring along the baby_______

I have just learned from Lyman, that the Dr has gone

to Cleveland + will not return this may + shall put

this in the Cleveland office in the morning______________

I have not heard from John since he was here

last season___ I read a letter from Adeline

a short time since, they were all well when

she wrote___ Give our love to all

                                                Your affectionate Brother

                                                            E Wells

Brothers:  E Wells in Independence who lives with Emma and Mary Jane

Wm H. Wells in Garrettsville, Portage Co. Ohio.  Had a baby in house in 1857

 possible Family Members: Lyman, John Adeline

Here is another item I bought on EBAY.  It’s an advertisement for the A.L. Wells Carriage Manufactory in Hopkinton, RI.  A.L is Augustus Lewis Wells and the E.S. Wells on the ad is his brother Edward Sheffield Wells.  Both are my 2nd cousins 4 times removed, sons of Edward Sheffield Wells Sr. and Deborah Hoxsie Lewis.  Augustus’ house is still standing today on the main drag in Hopkinton.  He didn’t build the house but basically moved in a few years after it was built and lived there till he died. 


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