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April 8, 2010 – Alabama Cemeteries April 8, 2010

So today I discovered an Alabama Connection to the family.    A branch of the Burdick family that settled down in Alabama from the Spafford, NY Area.    This is a new state for me to add to my Cemetery Listing so I was excited.  It would be fun to find us in all 50 states.  Who knows maybe I’ll find that eventually.    So here is the info on the Alabama Connection:

Burdick Family Cemetery, Houston, AL (Winston Co.)  From Arley Town Hall go north on County Rd. 41 .9 mile, turn left on Houston Rd and go 4.9 miles. Turn left in front of old jailhouse then immediately left on the dirt road. Cemetery is .4 mile on the left. 

*Burdick, Fernando “Frank” Cortez (Aug 26, 1838 – Apr 10, 1884)3rd Cousin 4Xs Removed (Frank’s parents, Russell M. Burdick & Esther Whiting are buried in Spafford Cemetery, Spafford, NY)

*Burdick, Nancy Margaret Feltman (Apr 5, 1848 – Sep 16, 1937)w/o Frank C. Burdick

Children of Frank C. Burdick & Nancy M. Feltman:

*Burdick, Samuel Ira (1873 – 1949)4th Cousin 3Xs Removed

*Burdick, Lillie Etta Cowart(1877 – 1966)w/o Samuel I. Burdick 

Fairview Cemetery, Double Springs, AL (Winston Co.) The Church and cemetery is about 1.8 miles west of Addison, Winston County, Al. on Hwy 278, on the left. Probably near County Road 3016. 

*Burdick, Frank Oscar (Jun 22, 1867 – Aug 20, 1940)4th Cousin 3Xs Removed      (Frank’s parents, Fernando C. Burdick & Nancy M. Feltman are buried at the Burdick Family Cemetery, Houston, AL)

*Burdick, Narcissus Catherine Hill (Oct 29, 1874 – Jul 11, 1938)  w/o Frank O. Burdick

Children of Frank O. Burdick & Narcissus C. Hill:   *Hilton, Kate Vashti Burdick (Oct 29, 1901 – Sep 26, 1991)5th Cousin 2Xs Removed 

Forrest Cemetery, Gadsden, AL (Etowah Co.) 700 South 15th Street, Gadsden, AL  35901  Phone: 256-549-4693 

*Campbell, Viola Margaret Burdick(Oct 31, 1896 – Apr 14, 1966)5th Cousin 2Xs Removed (Viola’s parents, Frank O. Burdick & Narcissus C. Hill are buried at the Fairview Cemetery, Double Springs, AL)

*Campbell, John Hosmer (Aug 4, 1890 – Oct 2, 1978)h/o Viola M. Burdick 

Tuscaloosa Memorial Park, Tuscaloosa, AL (Tuscaloosa Co.) 5434 Old Birmingham Hwy, Tuscaloosa, AL  35404   Phone: (205) 553-3141 

*Burdick, Alton Blaine(  Mar 7, 1904 – May 18, 1997)5th Cousin 2Xs Removed (Alton’s parents, Frank O. Burdick & Narcissus C. Hill are buried at the Fairview Cemetery, Double Springs, AL)

*Burdick, Nina Eleanor Falls (Jul 5, 1911 – Aug 20, 2003)w/o Alton B. Burdick

I scanned and attached the first two chapters in my first book on my family and am attaching it to this post.  It deals with the Wells and Stillman Lines of my family tree.  Here is the link to the attachment: Wells and Stillman Family Info out of Vol 1 of OUR FAMILY


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3 Responses to “April 8, 2010 – Alabama Cemeteries”

  1. mary ann stillman davies Says:

    I researching my family, in Nortonville, Ks. I found where I am related to Burdicks and found many tomestones with that name.
    It is a very small town North East part of Ks, between Topeka and Atchison. They also have a very small cemetary of 7 tomestones,
    for the 7th Day Baptists church-did not see Burdicks there. But if you have not found this in the past you may want to check it out.
    Good luck.

    Mary Ann

    • FergusonDuveen Entrekin Says:

      I am the granddaughter of William Cortez Burdick, Great Great Gran-daughter of Fernando Cortez Burdick, I live in Lawrenceburg Tennessee. That is about2-3 hr. drive to the Burdick cemetery.I’m in the Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, we are going to lay a Wreath on Fernando’s grave Oct.23 , 2010.

      • jgeoghan Says:

        Hi. Thanks for your comment. I wish I could go with you to the grave. I have to say Fernando was a really cute guy! In one picture I have of him, he looks addorable. I bet he was a really nicy guy. He would be my 3rd Cousin 4Xs Removed.

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