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April 7, 2010 – Meadow Lawn Cemetery April 7, 2010

Genealogy is a hobby that no matter how hard I try to “Finish”, I never will.  Case in point, today I found more burial information on some relatives.  Today I added the Spafford Cemetery in Spafford, NY.    Located on Mason Street at the South end of Mason after it crosses Clark St.   Buried there is Henry Burdick (Dec 16, 1755 – Apr 7, 1755) my  2nd Cousin 6Xs Removed and his wife Judith Maxson (Jul 19, 1756 – Jun 13, 1838) my 1st Cousin 6Xs Removed.  They are both cousins of mine who married each other.   When I tell friends of mine in casual conversation that I have 1st cousins in the family tree that married each other, they get all grossed out.   I wonder when in our societal consciousness it became taboo to marry a cousin?   150 years ago, I don’t think anyone would have batted an eye at it but today, well today it’s a different story.  I love Jane Austen books and in her books cousins are always marrying cousins.  Any thoughts …. let me hear em.       

So the CEMETERY OF THE DAY is…..  Meadow Lawn Cemetery, Petersburg, NY, From the junction of NY State Route 2 and NY State Route 22 in Petersburg, take Route 22 south towards Berlin. After about 0.25 of a mile, bear left onto Coon Brock Road. The cemetery will be on your left.

Hartshorn, Parmelia L. Wells (   Jan 29, 1840 – 1920) 4th Cousin 3Xs Removed

Hartshorn, Henry R.(Jan 1840 – 1919) h/o Parmelia Wells

Wells, Horace Waite (Aug 9, 1824 – 1907) 4th Cousin 3Xs Removed

Wells, Huldah Jane Young (Aug 9, 1836 – Jan 10, 1931) w/o Horace W. Wells

Wells, Clarence (Dec 1876 – 1947) 5th Cousin 2Xs Removed

Wells, Milo M. (Apr 1857 – 1937) 5th Cousin 2Xs Removed

Wells, Grace E Unknown (1869 – 1951) w/o Milo Wells

Wells, Mary A Shutters (Aug 1853/1862 – 1945) w/o Milo Wells

Wells, Clara (Jul 1889 – 1974) 6th Cousin 1X Removed

Wells, Willie E.  (Jun 1, 1861 – Apr 25, 1862) 5th Cousin 2Xs Removed

Wells, Arthur M.(Jun 4, 1874 – Jun 22, 1956) 5th Cousin 2Xs Removed


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2 Responses to “April 7, 2010 – Meadow Lawn Cemetery”

  1. Bob Symons Says:

    My g-greats married in 1885 were first cousins and my wife’s gg-greats married in 1856 were first cousins. The available person pool in some areas was quite limited and you married those that were available. Not such a terrible thing.

    • jgeoghan Says:

      It seems unheard of today to marry your first cousins, but I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and in her books it happens all the time. Again, smaller rural communities. – Jennifer

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