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April 5, 2010 – Stillman Village Cemetery April 5, 2010

As is most of my research these days, today I worked on my family cemetery listing.  This giant Opus of a listing of all the burial places of my family.  I think most of the info on the family is in there now.  Just need to add in maps, locations and some pictures to jazz it up a little.  Hope to have it done in a week or so.  It’s up to 60 pages now. 

So today’s CEMETERY OF THE DAY is…. The Stillman Village Cemetery.  Here is the info out of my book on the cemetery and my relatives buried there.

Stillman Village Cemetery, Petersburg, NY Stillman Cemetery is off of Stillman Rd. There is no road that brings you into the cemetery or any real path up to it. It does not have any easy access and is a very small area. Most of the headstones are unreadable.

Wells, John Sr.( Dec 3, 1763 – Oct 17, 1821) 1st Cousin 5Xs Removed

Wells, Sarah Rider/Ryder(1770 – May 4, 1831) w/o John Wells Sr.

Wells, Elizabeth (1806 – Dec 18, 1854) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Wells, Jason (1808 – May 27, 1835) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Wells, Alonson (Aug 22, 1810 – Feb 6, 1850) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Wells, Polly (1790 – May 21, 1825) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Wells, Nancy (Nov 25, 1793 – Nov 25, 1875) 2nd Cousin 4Xs Removed

Wells, Jason (1843 – Aug 15, 1846) 3rd Cousin 3Xs Removed

I’ve never been to this cemetery.   It’s up in Rensselaer County and when I was up there last year, I was only able to visit ones in Allegany County.  I hope to get up to Rens.  County in the next year or so.  I have no pictures of this cemetery or the stones.  So… if you do, I’d sure like to know.

I posted pictures from the Randall Cemetery (see last week), which you can see  to the right.


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