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20 Mar 2014: New Wells EBAY find March 20, 2014

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While looking around on EBAY a few weeks ago, I came across this little beauty to add to my Wells family collection.  Does anyone know anything about it?  I just though it was really cool to add to my shelf of Wells items but didn’t find much on line to tell me who the Wells of Wells’ Tablets might be.





15 March 2014 – The books are finally out!! March 15, 2014

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So today I finally published the first two of my novels concerning the Wells Family of Hopkinton, Rhode Island.  YEAH!!!  Only three more to go.  All five books are written so it’s just a matter of finishing the editing and getting them up on Amazon.  I’m aiming to have the last three up by the fall.

The books are called:

The Purity of Blood Volume I and Purity Lost: The Purity of Blood Volume II

They are E-Books and available on Amazon.com for your Kindle or device with the Kindle AP.

My main Character, Sara, shares my Wells family tree so if you’re a Wells with family tracing back to Hopkinton, you might enjoy the books.  I hope you do!!

For more info, check out the novels Facebook page of www.FaceBook.com/JenniferGeoghanNovels


It’s almost time!!!!! March 9, 2014

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Hello everyone. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve written a series of novels that I’m going to be self-publishing very soon now.  I’m hoping to have the first two novels up for sale on Amazon in about 10 days!!! What I really need is for people to go to the FaceBook page for my books and like it.  It’s www.facebook.com/JenniferGeoghanNovels Would be grateful if you could check it out and like it for me.

As friends/family of the Wells family, these books should be interesting to you as my main character is a genealogist and a member of the Wells family of Hopkinton.  Two main characters in the books are Randall Wells and Lois Maxson, my forth great grandparents.

I’ll be posting again when the books are actually up for sale.





16 Feb 2014 Snow Pictures of the old Wells house in Ashaway February 16, 2014

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In honor of all the snow up north, I thought I’d post some pictures I found this morning of the old Wells house in Ashaway, Rhode Island that I have that were taken in winter.  I have hundreds of photos of the house, but only a handful of them with snow.  The house was built about 1857 by Jonathan Russell Wells, stood in what is now Crandall field in Ashaway, just north of Wells St and across the street from the church.  Sadly, it was torn down in the 60′s so all we have left are the photos of this once proud home.  I would imagine that these photo were taken in the mid 1930′s.


I really like the one below because of the snow man in the front yard.


This one of my mother in a box on a sled makes me smile.  That’s the barn that was converted but still stands in Crandall Field to this day in the background.


This is a view down Route Three from in front of the house.


Of course, let’s not forget to take a photo with the outhouse in the background ….


I guess you’re never to young to start shoveling.  Either that or my mother was eager to help out her father.




This one shows the orchard behind the house in the background.

013 Myra in Sled

I’m not quite sure who this is, but I think it’s probably my grandfather Elliot Wells.  It was my grandmother Florence who was the shutter bug.


Mom looks a little guilty in this one.  It was taken on the left side of the house as seen from the street.  You can see the house across Route three in the background.


This one looks to have been taken at the same time as the one above.  I think the long shadow in the above photo was probably cast by my Mom’s cousin Dorothy.  That’s Dorothy in the photo below.  In it, you can see how they had to build up the land to make a flat surface to build the house on.  Crandall Field sloped downward from the street.


So I hope you enjoyed my snow day.  Right now I’m looking out my window here in Orlando and it’s a lovely day if not a bit chilly.  I miss the snow though.

As a progress report on my novels, I’m hoping to have the first two up for sale on Amazon and the Kindle store in about a month.  They’ll be e-books only to begin with.  Paper books are expensive to create so I’ll have to see if that’s something I want to do down the line.


14 Jan 2014 Death of another great member of the Wells family January 14, 2014

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Hello friends,

Today I created a findagrave.com memorial for a great friend of mine, Pauline Stillman (Wells) Hornberger.  My cousin Pauline passed away at the age of 96 on New Years Day.   She was the daughter of Everett Stillman Wells and Susie Clarke Lewis.

Growing up, I remember my mother getting letters from her first cousin Pauline.  She was the member of the family in my mother’s generation that kept track of our family history.  Naturally when I started to get interested in genealogy when I was in High School, I would read over her letters and eventually we met and I would make it a point to swing by and visit her on all my genealogy road trips that brought me anywhere near her neck of the woods up in Pennsylvania.

Every time I’d visit her, she always had some tidbit of family history to impart that I’d never heard before and I can’t help but think not only have I lost a cousin and friend, I’ve also lost one of the best resources I’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing.

Here’s a link to her findagrave.com memorial:  http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=123449656

So if you have any people out there that have inspired you in your family research, remember to thank them and let them know how very much you appreciate them in your life.

Sadly Pauline passed away before I could get my books published.  As I’ve mentioned before I’ve written a series of novels involving the Wells family of Hopkinton and hope to have the first two e-books up for sale on Amazon and the Kindle store before the end of February.


19 Aug 2013 – It’s been a while… August 19, 2013

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It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog.  For those of you who are following it, I wanted to let you know why.  I took some time off to pursue another creative outlet for my genealogy research and wrote a series of five novels using some of my Wells ancestors as characters.  It kind of sprung from the fantasy that every genealogist has at one point or another that ‘if only I could just have five minutes to sit down with my 5th great-grandfather so and so.  He could explain why he did this or that.’  Not only that but also to understand who our more distant ancestors were as people and not just the simple facts of birth, marriage, death & burial.  Over my years of research, I’ve longed to know what some of my ancestors were like as people.  What kind of person travels across an ocean to a relatively unknown land to start a future? 

So, I’ll keep you posted on when my books will be published.  I’ve written all five of them an am in the process of finalizing my editing of book one.  I’m self publishing it and hope to have it up for sale by mid November.  unfortunately self publishing means I have to pay fo everything myself so I’m still raising money.  My goal is to publish the first two at the same time and then publish the last three books as I raise the additional funds. 

I have to say, as a genealogist, it’s been extremely rewarding to write these books.  My Wells ancestors have a new excitement to them as I’ve given them the personalities they didn’t have before.  How accurate they are, well, that’s a bit of a mystery lot to time, but I like to think I do them some justice.   I look forward to getting feedback from other Wells family relations to see how they feel our family is portrayed in this fictional account of them. 

One of the challenges was actually taking the real life facts of the family and adding the fictional twists that make the facts seem logical.  What do I mean by that?  Well, lets say the family moves from Hopkinton to Ohio in the 1800′s.  Yes, we know a branch of the family left, but why did they leave?  I get to make up a reason why that works with the book and the lives of the characters.   

The books are not historical in nature.   They take place today here in the year 2013 more or less.  Here in lyes th twist.  Exactly how do you get that five minutes to sit down and have that conversation with your long dead ancestor…..

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and start back up with my blogging on my research as much as I can in the coming months but I’m still knee-deep in editing my books to keep in my deadline for publication.

So has anyone out there self published before.  I haven’t.  If anyone has any advice for me, I’d love to hear it.



10 Oct 2012 – Randall Wells and the Hopkinton Militia October 10, 2012

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 One of my quests while in the DAR library was to try to find information on what my 4th Great Grandfather, Randall Wells, did in the Revolutionary War.  I know he was in the Hopkinton, RI Militia but little information is known about what his company of local Militia did during the war.  When I asked the nice gal behind the counter at the library if she knew of any books that might give me information she said there really wasn’t anything in the library that could help me but she pointed me in the direction of the computers and helped look Randall up on a website called fold3.  Fold3 has military records and I was able to find info on the Hopkinton Militia and Randall by looking at the Pension Applications of Revolutionary War soldiers.  soldiers had to fill out statements of exactly what they did in the way and in the process ended up giving little histories of the movements of certain militia units. 

So I found several applications that mentioned Randall.  They do however take some time to read and transcribe.  Below is a transcription of the pension application of a man called Daniel Knowles and below the transcription are images of the document itself.  You will notice a lot of xxx in the transcription which were parts that I was unable to make out the handwriting.  There was actually many, many more pages to Daniel’s application but I only transcribed the relevent parts.  I can tell you from what I’ve read so far of the different applications is that the Hopkinton Militia was chiefly occupied with guarding the shores of Narragansett Bay from the English.

Here are two things that I learned from this specific application about Randall and the Hopkinton Militia

November 1776: Randall Wells is an Ensign.  Militia was in Hopkinton City

March 1777: Randall Wells is a Lietenant.  Militia marches from Little Rest (now called Kinston) to Narragansett Bay and are stationed at the Bonnet Farm

There’s a lot more information here and if I was able to make out what all the “xxx”s were there would be a lot more.  So… if you’re up for a challenge, have a go at it and see if you’re able to make out anything I haven’t been able to.  Post what you’re able to make out in a comment and I’ll post an update in an upcoming blog post.  I’ll be posting on the other pension applications when I have a chance to transcribe them.  

Pension Application of Daniel Knowles of Washington in the state of Rhode Island who was a Private

Resident of North Kingston in the county of Washington and State of Rhode Island, aged 80 years (Sept 1832)

He was born in South Kingston in said county of the 10th of March 1752, his age is recorded in the family bible in the Spring of the year 1776, he marched from South Kingston into the town of Hopkinton in said County.  There he lived for years.  In November 1776, the Company of Militia to which he belonged of which George Thurston was Captain, Matthew Randall Liut and Randall Wells Ensign, was called out to meet at Hopktinton City so called.  Joseph Noyes now Colonel of the Regiment to which the Company belonged Jesse Champlin, Col, Joseph Maxson Major, Thomas Noyesxxx, xxx.  The Company xxx Post Road, where they met Colonel Noyes, xx xxxx then to forces to the South for in South Kingston, they proceded xxx it was so late they could not get there, xxx right, they gathered that night at the house of Samuel Perry and next day marched to the South Fery and quartered at different houses xxxxx stationed guards along shore until Spring, he was xxx xxxx the last day of March 1777 returned home.  Towards the end of May in that year, the Company on a … … …. …. Were again called out and marched to Point Judith xxx xxxx  month at the xxx house so called at the end of that month they were xxxx to the xxx place where they continued another month  and were discharched.  In November 1777 the company xxx of the same, of which xxxx xxx xxx was again called out, George Thurston was still Captain, Randall Wells Leit and Joseph Thurston Ensign, they were marched xxx Little Rest now called Kinston xxxx to the shores of the Bay, to join the shores and stationed at the Bonnet Farm xxxx at the house of Colonel John Gardiner in Boston Neck two months and xxxx two more months at the xxxx house near the same, at the end of that time, they were discharged.  In xxxx xx 1778, the company was again called out, with xxx of the xxxxx Joseph Noyes was Colonel, Jesse Maxson xxx Xols, Thomas Sheffield Major, the officers of the company, were the same as before, they marched to Little Rest where they made a xxx from hence to Providence, hence Petuxet xxxx for the night, the next day they went xxx xxx and quartered at a Meeting house all night, the next day they went to Boston, and were transported across Bristol Fery to Rhode Island and arrived to the American forces on the xxx xxx command of Genreal xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxx had xxxx been called the French Stormon account of the French Fleet which was to xxx with General xxxx xxx xxx The storm lasted three of four hours was violent with xxx xxx xxx night they first landed on the island, the only other xxx his associated xxx from the rain was an orchard he got very wet and did not get dry for three days , xxx storm grew xxx xxx on the xxx the enemy xxx xxx xxxx xx on the lines an xxx xxx until the Americans xxx  xxx the island, xxx xxx were transported xxxx the xxx in boats for the xxxx and landed at xxxx neck in north Kinston, from there they marched to Hopkinton and were discharged, we has absent from hom in xxxx xx at least one month.   Whilst on the island he was one of the guards xxx the xxx of General Sullivan.  In the spring of 1780 he moved from Hopkinton into South Kingston and in August or September 1780, the company of Militia in which he was then enrolled, as a xxx of the same xxxx which he was one, was called out with most of the regiment, Thomas potter was Colonel of the Regiment, the officers of the Company were Stephen Babcock Capt, Joseph xxxx Liet and Jesse Champlin was xxx.  Were xxx at Little Rest and left encamped some days  from thence they went to Jones Hill where they staid some days from thence marched to what is now called Wickford then called xxxx xxxx from thence were transported across the Bay xxx the north end of the island of Conanicut, and landed on Rhode Island and stationed at Boston Neck, he was gone this time one month.  He xxx in the whole one year of which he is xxxx.  He never served under any xxx xxx   General Sullivan xxxx to none of the Contenental xxx officers in that expedition.  H has no documentary evidence of his service.  Solomon xxxx is xxx to most of his services he being in his xxx son Randall Family a great part of the time, and being with him xxx on the shores some xxx Sullivan’s xxxx – most xxx will likewise to his services.  He is not xxxx with any xxx, in his xxx who can testify to the xxx of his services



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